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Vicki Kenny

Have you tried other diets and they haven't worked? 

This is Healthy Weight Loss & Cellular Nutrition!

The difference is with Herbalife, that there is no counting of calories, no recording what you eat - you just get on with your life and start losing weight while remaining healthy. 

All Herbalife Products are Scientifically developed, and backed by leading doctors around the world.

There are no Membership costs – just the cost of the products – which replace your food two meals a day so you save on food costs too. Plus – It’s Simple!

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

Research Shows that you are 300% more likely to Lose Weight with a Coach. Unlike Supermarket/Chemist Diet Products, these come with my free coaching – so I’ll be there to help you take the products correctly – so that they work.

You will have to change something – because if you carry on doing the same thing as you are now – nothing will change and you won’t lose the Weight you want to lose.

With a sensible eating plan, which these Products provide, and introducing some activity again into your week – you’ll start to see results quickly.

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It’s Simple, Easy and Effective and it Will work for You!

My before and after Herbalife NZ

I lost 20 kgs in 18 weeks– amazing to get such great results so quickly. Having been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a year ago, my weight had crept on slowly and I’d tried all sorts of ways to lose it again – nothing I’d used before seemed to work this time.

Then I found Herbalife Nutritional Shakes (I love smoothies) and they tasted so good I didn’t look back. I had been skeptical of meal replacement shakes in the past but this is so simple, and tastes so good, plus you don’t feel hungry. Plus it’s just simple… no adding things up or calculating food points – very easy. I have saved money on the grocery/food bills too each week.

I have never lost this much weight so quickly before, so easily, while remaining so healthy and energised. Normally losing weight for me means getting run down and sick – but I feel so healthy it’s quite incredible.

Vicki, Auckland, NZ

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.


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